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We’re leading the transformation of the rental housing sector through innovation, ease, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Our mission revolves around tackling your obstacles and fostering extraordinary experiences for both your staff and residents, serving as the driving force behind our every endeavor.

About Us

Since 2018, SKBM Smart Technology has been revolutionizing the multifamily housing experience through cutting-edge property technology (PropTech) solutions. Today we are the industry’s PropTech Concierge delivering comprehensive proptech solutions that elevate efficiency, security, and profitability for property owners and managers. SKBM takes the time to understand your goals, and then curates the ideal PropTech package to maximize your return on investment.

At the core of SKBM’s offerings is a comprehensive suite of smart apartment technologies, access control systems, video monitoring, SmartHome integrations, and leak detection solutions. This combination gives multifamily communities intelligent, connected environments that streamline operations and provide modern conveniences for residents. During the consultation process, SKBM determines what the property’s needs really are. And then builds a solution that is fully integrated or one that can be added onto over time.

Once the right tech stack is chosen, SKBM’s white-glove installation team takes over. Our in-house team of skilled technicians ensures seamless implementation tailored to each client’s unique needs, whether for retrofits or new construction projects.

With an unmatched track record of connecting over 450,000 multifamily units with access control, WiFi deployments and more, SKBM has the proven experience to know what works and what doesn’t based on property goals. This success is driven by a deep understanding of multifamily and a commitment to delivering tangible value, such as:

  • Optimized Operational Efficiency
  • Robust Security and Access Management
  • Enhanced Resident Satisfaction
  • Reduced Costs and Maximized ROI

SKBM takes pride in forming long-term partnerships with multifamily clients, providing friendly and transparent service from consultation through implementation and beyond. Their forward-thinking approach continually explores new technologies to stay ahead of market demands – and make sure our customers have full access to the latest and greatest technology.

To start modernizing your multifamily community, contact SKBM SmartTech today.

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Over 100 Full Site Access Control Systems Installed

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Since 2018 We've been the leading proptech provider in the US