What to Look for in a Multifamily WiFi Solution

74% of renters stated that having pre-installed WiFi is important.

By providing community WiFi, property owners and managers have the opportunity to be at the forefront of technological offerings to residents – elevating resident satisfaction and improving property value. Please note: not all WiFi providers are equal and equipped with the same tech and support capabilities, so choosing the right partner to help implement your multifamily WiFi solution is a crucial part for success. In this blog post, we will explore what requirements to look for in a potential WiFi solution, and how SKBM Smart Tech can deliver the perfect Community WiFi service that fulfills these requirements.

Your Connection Must Be Reliable

There’s nothing worse than trying to get work done and experiencing spotty WiFi connectivity. Imagine your work-from-home residents unable to join their daily zoom meetings or your staff members trying to send out important communications to residents getting stuck with unsent emails. When someone needs to “get it done,” there’s nothing more frustrating than inconsistent WiFi! SKBM provides a ‘lightning-speed’ WiFi service that is secure and reliable, meeting the modern demands of your residents and staff members. 

Your Billing Options Must Be Flexible:

When it comes to billing, flexibility is key for both you and your residents! SKBM gives you options: incorporate Community WiFi services into monthly rent or split it up as a separate line item. Choose the option that better fits your and your resident’s specific needs.

Your Infrastructure Must Be Future-Proof

New tech can come with headaches: high implementation costs, learning curves, and hard to upkeep. Don’t invest in technology that can become ‘outdated’ as soon as the project is complete. With SKBM, you don’t have to worry about this! SKBM’s advanced fiber optic network is specifically designed to support and scale with evolving technological advancements. We believe that you should invest in the right scalable infrastructure, ensuring your investment remains valuable for years to come.

Your Setup and Support Must Be Simplified:

Similar to the previous point, tech implementations are often long and tedious – and getting in touch with someone from support can be a treacherous journey! SKBM offers a simplified staff and resident onboarding process, while also being available 24/7 for any technical support. Additionally, SKBM offers effortless deactivation when residents leave. Your residents and staff can download and log into an app to set up their connectivity, bypassing the need for a third-party WiFi provider or a hard installation process.

Your Investments Must Enhance Your Property Value

Did you know that adding robust community WiFi infrastructure can actually enhance the value of your multifamily property? SKBM can help you increase your property value and boost net operating income (NOI) due to the improved infrastructure and connectivity options. Check out our blog maximizing ROI here.

SKBM’s Community WiFi service can help property owners provide residents and staff with seamless connectivity, while allowing you to enhance the value of your tech investments. SKBM can help your multifamily community stay connected, competitive, and future-proof in the ever-changing digital landscape!

If you’re looking to explore community WiFi solutions, as well as other Prop Tech offerings, read our blog on choosing the right Prop Tech partner.