Benefits of Access Control Systems


Apartment residents are 34.1% more likely to have a package stolen than the average for all home types.

Unfortunately, package theft (or porch pirates) is only one of the many common security issues that property owners have to deal with on a daily basis. Unwanted visitors in common spaces and vandalism are all disturbances that often plague multifamily properties. Since traditional keys can be easily duplicated or stolen, it is often difficult to track who has access to your property’s common areas – like the package room.

Fortunately, by implementing access control systems and eliminating the usage of traditional keys, property owners can limit and monitor who enters the premises and follow a digital footprint. While safety is one of the main reasons to implement an access control system, these keyless systems also allow for increased efficiency among residents, staff, and authorized visitors and vendors. 

What are the benefits of implementing access control systems for property owners?

Boost Community Safety – Property owners can easily follow a digital footprint of who has visited their property’s common areas. They can also remotely manage access and grant entry to vendors or emergency responders, if needed. 

Easy Tech Stack Integration – Access control technology should integrate with your smart home and property management systems, while providing scalability and customizability.

Increase Net Operating Income – By eliminating physical keys, you avoid the costs of re-keyings, installations, lockouts, and key replacements.

Convenience and Efficiency – Access controls allows residents, staff, and authorized vendors and visitors to more easily access common areas without the need for traditional keys. This allows your staff to focus their attention to more pressing tasks.

How Can SKBM Smart Tech Help Secure Your Complex?

Seamless Integration – SKBM’s access control integrates with leading property management systems – making it easier and more efficient to manage your stack tech.

Customize & Expand as Needed – SKBM offers an open-architecture platform that can be easily customized – this allows you to expand your services without the need for expensive hardware replacements.

Reduce Expenses & Enhance Security – The startup costs for implementing SKBM’s hardware solutions are more cost-effective than traditional systems that require the hiring of in-house IT management.

Comprehensive Training, and 24/7 Support – SKBM understands that technology is more than just a one-time implementation, that is why we focus on offering you seamless, scalable solutions. In addition, we offer comprehensive training and 24/7 support provided by our team of experts.


By implementing access control systems, property owners can keep their residents, staff, and property safe. Additionally, you can omit common issues associated with traditional key systems like re-keyings and replacements. Finally, access control systems allow your staff to focus on more important tasks rather than wasting time letting visitors in the building or dealing with common key issues.

Is your complex ready to unlock the benefits of access control? SKBM can help!