Elevating Multifamily Living: The Impact of Smart Apartments

With millions of apartment buildings readily available across the country, staying competitive with your apartment’s offerings has never been more important. Long gone are the days of basic apartment offerings – like washers and dryers, parking, and central heating. Residents are now expecting more modernized amenities – such as keyless entries, community WiFi, security systems, and even EV charging stations. By converting your apartments into smart apartments, you don’t just attract new residents, but you also keep current residents from looking elsewhere. In the digital age of Facebook groups, Google reviews, or even word-of-mouth – if your residents aren’t happy, they’ll likely make their complaints public, which could hurt your chances of attracting future residents. On the flip side, if you exceed residents’ expectations, they’re likely to spread the word and recommend it to others. 

Additionally – implementing smart apartments can lead to Better ROI and improved tenant and employee retention. Check out our blog about maximizing and understanding the total cost of multifamily ownership and strategies to offset expenses here.

In what ways can advanced technology revolutionize multifamily living?

Advanced technology can revolutionize multifamily living by improving convenience and productivity for residents, enhancing security and safety measures, and streamlining community communications management tasks. 

Smart apartments can provide:

    • Keyless access to units – Keyless access to units, not only makes it easier for residents to access their homes, but also increases their sense of security – as traditional keys can be easily stolen or duplicated. Also, this saves your staff time and improves efficiency from having to let in residents who are locked out, replace missing keys, and rekey the apartment between tenants!
    • Community WiFi connectivity – Community WiFi is now expected by residents across the country. This perk has transitioned from a luxury to an everyday commodity now that remote work is more common. Tenants want to be able to work from the lounge – or the pool – to maintain their work life balance or be productive while their kids are outside.
    • Self-guided tours – Let future residents explore on their own time and schedule. By giving future residents access to self-guided tours, they have a larger window to come visit your apartment and can even tour during non-business hours. This not only allows for more tours to occur and increases your close rate, but also saves your staff time.
    • EV charging stations – In a world of Teslas and Rivians, it’s likely that a certain amount of your residents have electric vehicles. For these residents, having access to EV charging stations will be one of the determining factors in deciding what apartment complex to choose as their future home.
    • Security systems – Feeling safe at home is crucial for residents. By having security systems in place that help keep your community safe, residents can be reassured that they picked the right place to call home. Also, this limits your liability should anything ever happen!

SKBM Smart Tech offers fully customizable technology to help you elevate the experience for your residents. Our implementations are tailored to multifamily units and help increase efficiency for both residents and property managers. It’s time to modernize your apartments to attract future residents and keep current tenants satisfied. Now that you’re ready to learn more about how SKBM Smart Tech can help you elevate multifamily living through smart apartments, contact us today.