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We are the Leading Full Service Mult-Family PropTEch Service Provider in The Nation.


SKBM Smart Technology is the nation’s leading provider of Smart Apartment #proptech/Full Site Access control system’s sales and install powered by the SmartRent full Suite of systems and property management solutions. With an unmatched 400,000 units of SmartApartment automation technology installed and 100+ of full site access control systems as well as community WiFi for the multi-family apartment industry across the US since 2018 positions SKBM Smart Technology as the leader and most experienced PropTech provider in the United States.

Also, as a fully licensed Certified General Contractor, SKBM Smart Technology can provide streamlined process and timelines with no middleman or lost time, a one-stop #PropTech shop Including IOT, Public/Private area access control card readers and video monitors and drive gate/parking control, site wide internal WiFi, Data Boards, SmartHome tech, leak sensors and more. With an average ROI of 24 months coupled with increased workforce efficiency and reduced GL insurance cost with the leak detection devices, SKBM Smart Technology can help your property portfolio increase the bottom line and help improve risk management.

Contact us today for a free site evaluation and quote. We don’t just say we are a leading PropTech provider, we have the resume to prove it.


Revolutionize your property management with our seamless, all-in-one platform. Experience the future of property management and unlock unprecedented efficiency and resident satisfaction with our innovative technology.

Access Control

Step into the future of community access control with our game-changing solution. Experience the power of centralized community access control, where real-time access and monitoring are effortless. It’s time to unlock a new era of control and simplicity for your communities!


Discover the ultimate solution for parking management that will transform your property operations! Experience outstanding operational efficiency with our cutting-edge technology – it’s simply the smarter way to manage parking!


Self-Guided Tours are the game-changer that empowers potential tenants to discover their dream home at their own pace. By offering this innovative solution, your team can focus on optimizing occupancy goals with unmatched efficiency. 


Elevate Your Property with Next-Level Managed Wi-Fi! Unlock the key to boosting property value and maximizing operating income while treating your residents to lightning-fast, community-wide internet. Our Managed Wi-Fi solution is your secret weapon for  delighting residents.


Experience the Gold Standard in Call Handling! Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to every call answered on the very first ring. Powered by advanced speech recognition and user-friendly follow-up tools, our platform revolutionizes leasing and resident call management.


The Power of Smart Work will increase your team’s productivity to unprecedented heights. Our solution empowers teams to effortlessly prioritize and systemize tasks, create seamless communication channels with residents and vendors, and provide owners with valuable, actionable data.


Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive range of service agreements tailored to meet your smart apartment installations’ unique needs. This plan offers flexibility with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly subscription levels.


SKBM understands the evolving needs of property owners and the growing demand for sustainable living. That’s why we offer a seamless and efficient solution for apartment blocks to accommodate tenants with electric vehicles while unlocking an additional revenue stream for property owners.

Elevated Rentals

Modern tenants find smart home devices highly appealing, as evidenced by 77% of renters expressing that they refuse to sign a lease without a smart thermostat. The integration of smart building technology not only entices prospective residents to expedite the lease-signing process but also helps prevent vacancy losses and facilitates the realization of elevated rent premiums.

Source: The NMHC Kingsley report


Maximize Revenue

Explore new possibilities for ancillary revenue with our smart parking management solution. Optimize income from unassigned parking spaces and generate extra revenue from guest parking spaces.

Efficient Lead Generation

Self-guided tours empower potential renters to explore your community at their convenience, aligning with their preferred shopping approach. This flexibility increases the number of tours conducted each month and minimizes the staffing requirements for your leasing office. By offering self-guided tours, your site teams regain valuable time, providing both convenience for prospects and operational efficiency for your leasing office.





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